Once again BMYS “The Premier Victorian Power Boating Club” showed off its facilities on our “Open Day” with the combined JV Marine “On Water Drive Day”.

The weather in the morning was warm and balmy with calm seas inside Beaumaris Bay. This enabled easy and safe passage from the jetty for the lines of people wanting to try their boat of choice, right up to the awesome Yellowfin 6.4m twin outboard package.

Thankfully the weather held off until about 1:00 pm, to enable most people to get at least one boat ride in.

Many thanks to John & Mark Stav and their team from JV Marine who put a lot of time and effort into their “On Water Drive Day”.

Also, well deserving is Jeep who put two Jeeps on show. One was the 6.4 litre HEMI, what a car!!!

The day also featured an impressive marine safety display provided by Maritime Safety Victoria.

Tim Hipkin together with his support team demonstrated the finer arts of fish preparation and cooking (the tasting pieces of whiting and flathead were excellent).

To the BMYS Committees who organised and helped in the various Club activities once again many, many thanks for all your efforts to make this a great event and a great Club.

Particular thanks to Brendan Hocking, BMYS Fishing Director for his efforts in arranging and coordinating a very successful day.

Great news is JV Marine looks to have sold two boats and BMYS have about 15 new member enquires.

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