Social Flagship Events

The Big Night Out 

The Big Night Out is one of the premier events of the Social calendar comprising a trilogy of great tastes and entertainment. The evening starts with a superb smorgasbord of wine and cheese tasting.

Catering for a wide range of palates, quality cheese varieties with a superb selection of red and white wines. The night continues with a general knowledge trivia quiz, covering sports, movies, music, history, geography, logos. Working with your family, friends and fellow members in tables of ten, it’s a lot of fun with great prizes on offer.
Then your favourite disco hits from the 70’s and 80’s starts to dance the night away.This all inclusive fun filled evening with a sit down dinner included has something for everyone. Come along and enjoy one of the great events of the BMYS.

Christmas Dinner Dance

The Christmas Dinner Dance is a major Social event hosted in early December to into the Christmas spirit.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit of giving, there are over $1,000 of door prizes on offer for those attending including entertainment, restaurant, massage and wine vouchers.
Our executive chef prepares a quality and beautifully presented seafood three-course dinner. The night also hosts the draw of the annual members raffle where 10 lucky members will win a great range of prizes including travel vouchers, membership subscriptions, appliances, restaurant vouchers and fishing and tackle vouchers.

Another highlight of the night is the live music that gets everyone onto the dance floor. Book this event into your diary for a night of fun, excitement and quality dining.