Site Activites

Club Working Bees – Upon induction members are requested to plan ahead and set aside the dates to attend at least one annual Working Bee. These important event are scheduled to begin at 8am, generally on a Sunday morning, with a morning tea break and a BBQ lunch to follow. By 1pm, the small tasks have been completed and the tools and equipment get packed away.
The Site Director is always generous with a cool beverage to say thanks and will often run a door prize for those in attendance. The efforts put in by the 100-strong team are important to keep the place looking good but serve also as a great way for members to meet other members and engage socially at the same time as helping out. Members are encouraged to invite their partners along, as the tasks are not overly demanding and it provides another friendly opportunity for partners to meet and interact throughout the day.

May Working Bee – With the fishing season completed, the May working Bee tends to have a clubhouse focus, as members will prepare firewood, clean down the top and bottom deck and outdoor furniture and give the inside of the club a freshen up after the busy activities during spring and summer.

September Working Bee – After winter, the grounds are prepared for spring with the garden beds tended to and the boundary fences kept clear. October is the month for the Annual Sail Past for the club to officially open the Boating season so the parking areas are redefined, lines painted and the focus is given to the ramps and jetty in preparation for a busy season.

Small Projects and Mini Working Bees – From time to time, the Site Committee will identify a small renovation project which may require a handful of skilled volunteers to lend their expertise. A recent example is the replacement of the balcony staircase with new timber steps, which were cut, prepared and painted, then installed by a team of six over the course of a day.
Projects like this where members can be involved with hand tools and knowledge are a perfect example of how a member can contribute to a task to make the place safer, whilst saving the cost of a tradesperson. Larger jobs, needing specialist equipment are now scheduled into an annual budget but if you have a particular skill or trade that may be able to help the club save an outlay, please approach the Site Committee and introduce yourself.

As members using the place at many different times, if you come to find equipment needing repair or requiring general maintenance please alert the Club Manager.