Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron (BMYS) is located on the eastern shore of Port Phillip in Beaumaris Bay, nestling close to the cliff face half-way between Ricketts Point and Mentone Beach. The Clubhouse is only just visible from Beach Road and has been designed and decorated to blend in with the natural landscape – it is not easily spotted from seaward either.

The Clubhouse faces south-east with members and visitors enjoying uninterrupted views of Port Phillip from the glassed-in function room and dining area. A measure of the natural beauty of the venue is the common practice among Club members and their families and friends to choose the Club for family celebrations such as weddings and major birthday events. The Club prides itself on being family friendly, it welcomes the children of members and their guests to participate in relevant Club activities and enjoy the amenities offered to them.

Formed in 1959, the Squadron was incorporated in 2004 as a Company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act.

The charter of the Squadron is to promote the sport of recreational boating and provide a social environment for boating activities in which the members are involved. Many forms of vessels can be seen at the Club; however, it is true that the vast majority of Club members own and operate trailerable power boats in the four to seven metre range.

In addition to an enjoyable and wide-ranging social program, the Club promotes a broad area of recreational boating – cruising, NavRallies and fishing. Enthusiastic Committees encourage member participation in all areas, with a comprehensive year round program of intra-Club and inter-Club activities. Many members compete in these programmed events while, on the other hand, many members just do their own thing.

NavRally enthusiasts not only compete in BMYS Club events but are encouraged to compete in events run by sister Clubs, most of which are affiliated with the Power Boat Division of Yachting Victoria. An annual competition series of NavRallies comprised of member Club’s major programmed events is organised and managed by Yachting Victoria, and includes the prestigious Ricketts Point Regatta run by BMYS.

The Fishing Committee also arranges fishing competitions with other Clubs both at BMYS and other locations within Victoria. At times, major fishing competitions at BMYS are so well attended that it is necessary to utilize supervised parking within the Club’s grounds from as early as 4:30 in the morning – especially when the snapper are running.

BMYS strongly encourages and lobbies for responsible and sustainable recreational fishing; its competitions are designed to discourage needless capture of fish, stressing the quality of fish captured rather than the quantity.

If this sounds all too professional for those who are new to boating and fishing, no problem – BMYS places special focus on helping new members and introducing them to the pleasures of boating and recreational fishing.  For example, it is common practice for experienced crews to take out novice NavRalliers in their own boats and willingly provide expert training in the basics of this challenging sport – free of charge.