Office Bearers

David Bell
Vice Commodore
Les Sabo
Rear Commodore
Michael Busuttil
I have been a member of BMYS since 1997. In that time serving on Boating, Site and Fishing committees before joining the Board in 2016.

During my role as Commodore, my prime objectives are threefold;

  • To ensure our members have first class facilities for pursuing their boating activities
  • To encourage members to be actively involved in the many aspects of the club
  • To develop long term relationships with organisations and members of our local community in general
I am 65 years old and joined the Club in 2011. Three years ago I joined the Boating Committee and the Board.

I enjoy being a member of BMYS and enjoy the various events that take place around the Club. I very much enjoy socializing with other members on a Friday night as well as fishing and boating in the local waters.

I look forward to working with the current Board, helping our Commodore achieve his objectives as well as improving the facilities for our current and future members

I have been a member for nine years. Since joining the Club I have served on the Social Committee, worked as an editor on the club magazine ‘On Deck’ and joined the Board two years ago.

I really enjoy socialising on Friday nights at the club and spending time on Port Phillip Bay with family and friends.

I look forward to working with the Board and fellow members to further enhance the Club’s offer for the local community and the next generation of members.

Finance Director
Hein Preller
Fishing Director
Greg Fitz
Site Director
Shane Benedict
I have been a Member of BMYS since 2015 and the Finance Director since 2016. I work in financial services as a business owner and am a Chartered Accountant in public practice.

I enjoy boating and freediving in addition to line fishing. Being involved on the Board gives me a deeper involvement in squadron activities. I am married with two daughters and we use the club facilities as a family. Highlights would be Friday night dinners and the annual sail past we participate in.

My objectives are to ensure the continued strong financial governance of the club and ensuring we make it a welcoming place for existing and new members.

I have been a member of BMYS for over 25 years
(excluding a 5 year relocation to Singapore) and have always actively partaken in club life, including previously being on the Social Committee and for many years on the Fishing Committee with Brian McNaughton as Fishing Director.
As the Fishing Director I encourage all members to respect our legacy for the future health of fish stocks and marine life in our great water ways and to actively encourage family and friends to enjoy not only fishing, but boating activities in general.
I am proud to be a member of BMYS and the involvement I have with other bodies such as BIAV and VRFish to help conserve Port Phillip Bay’s future as a sustainable recreational fishery for generations to come and also improving, not only our facilities, but facilities for all to enjoy across the state.
I have been a member of the BMYS for 18 Years and I am both a keen fisherman and boating enthusiast. I am married to Christine with one son and we have been residents of Beaumaris for the past 38 years and involved in other local community clubs and associations. I am a company Director of an international global manufacturing and engineering company and have a Marine engineering background along with a strong business and marketing focus. Along with the support of the current board

I am keen to implement numerous projects both in the clubhouse,  externally in the grounds and on our piers and ramps. I look forward to meeting you and your family either on the water or at the clubhouse.

Club Secretary
Simon Bartaby
Social Director
John Giuliano
Immediate  Past Commodore
Ross Popplewell
I have been a member of BMYS for about 20 years but have not owned a boat for over 30 years.
My wife and I enjoy the social aspect of the club with family and friends, many of who have become members over the years.
I feel that there are exciting times ahead for BMYS. As Director / Secretary I am proud to be part of the new board who have many ideas for the future.

I have been a member of BMYS since 1984. I joined as a 19 year old. At the time of joining, my father, brother, uncle and cousin were members also. BMYS has been a big part of my family and life for a long time. Both my sisters and I had our wedding here. I met my wife Anita here when she was the Assistant Manager.
I have long had a passion for fishing and in recent years have taken up Nav Rallies at BMYS with Anita. My family still enjoy the myriad of activities on offer at our club.
Now as Social Director I am able, with the help of a great committee, to offer members opportunities to have a great time socialising at BMYS.

The sea has been a constant part of my life whether swimming, surfing, diving, sailing, fishing or simply messing around in boats. I joined BMYS in 1996 and have enjoyed the many wonderful activities and the superb facilities afforded by BMYS membership. For all but two of the past 23 years, I have had the considerable pleasure of serving on the Site Committee and on the Board of Directors culminating in two years as Commodore in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. I encourage all members to take an active part in the future of the Squadron.