J.R.KERR Club Champion Award

The prestigious J.R. Kerr Club Champion is awarded annually at the BMYS Presentation night which is one of the premier events of the club’s calendar. It acknowledges attendances and participation in Boating, Fishing and Social club events throughout the year. The J.R. Kerr Club Champion is named in honour of past Commodore Jack Kerr.

Jack Kerr joined the BMYS in 1962 and quickly became involved in all aspects of the Squadron and served on most committees. Jack was Vice Commodore from 1968 to 1971 and Commodore from 1971 to 1974. During his term as Vice Commodore in 1969, Jack introduced a point scoring system and trophy, aimed at overall participation and success in all aspects of club activities. Jack continued to attend the club on a regular basis after his term as Commodore and always attended annual fishing trips and working bees. Sadly Jack passed away in July 1989 but his spirit and legacy lives on.

For the newer and older members alike, the J.R. Kerr Club Championship award is aimed to encourage all members to participate in club activities and events on the BMYS club calendar.
We respectfully congratulate and recognise all winners of the J.R. Kerr Club champions.