Throughout the year there are twenty events on your club fixture card where points are awarded for participating. These events are indicated with an asterisk on the fixture card. The events are made up of fishing, boating, working-bees and two very important events, Presentation Night and Opening Day- Sail Past.

To achieve the award of Club Champion you need to participate in as many events as possible. You do not have to be the best at fishing or navigational exercises (Nav-Rallies) but having involvement in all facets of club activities is what really counts. There are three important events to start the season off, they are the safety training nights in July followed by the Commodores Cup Nav-Rally and Presentation Night in August. A reminder also is that in the five monthly fishing competitions, if you have fished on the Saturday or Sunday and don’t have fish to weigh in still mark the weigh in sheet NO LEGAL CATCH and have it signed by a witness. Participation Points will then be recorded.