Fishing Committee

The Fishing Committee organises and coordinates fishing events throughout the year both from BMYS and to other Victorian and Interstate locations. We have a strong emphasis on safety for all our events as well as respect for our limited natural resources.

The Fishing Committee meets monthly our agenda is mainly to plan for upcoming events, such as Fishing Competitions (both local and country Victoria) and Lecture Nights which can cover topics such as marine electronics, fishing techniques and talks from the likes of the Victorian Fisheries Authority.

Fishing Committee Members

  • Brendan Hocking
  • David Kirton
  • Tim HipkiMax Trist
  • Geoff Hill (also Site Committee)
  • Peter Svilar
  • Peter DiFiore
  • Peter DeVries
  • John Malempre (also Safety Committee)
  • Greg Fitz (also Safety Committee)
  • Ian Whiteside
  • Steve Lopes
  • Steve Rando

We are always looking for new Fishing Committee members.