Fishing Activities

Besides our Flagship Events of the Gala Competition (November) and the Family Fishing Day (March) the BMYS Fishing Committee works hard to bring you other fishing activities throughout the year and below is a list of some of our other activities.

Start of Season Competition – This competition is held in late August from BMYS and heralds the start of the fishing season. This is a great way to reengage with your fellow members and enjoy a midday hot soup or similar provided by the fishing committee.

Monthly Fishing Competitions – Held throughout the year, fish are weighed in at BMYS using the scales in the box beside the fish cleaning area. Fill your form in and get it witnessed by another member to be in the running for vouchers from Southern Sport Fishing for the heaviest fish over the weekend. Your catch will also be in the running for the yearly awards.

Jamie Hipkin Memorial Trophy (BMYS vs Brighton Central Angling Club) – Held in October as a tribute to Jamie Hipkin, this grudge match between our two rival clubs is an event not to be missed and is keenly contested for the Jamie Hipkin Memorial Plaque.

Twilight Competitions – Twilight Competitions held in October (Squid) and November (Snapper), enables families to fish midweek, after work, and then enjoy a get together after the competition and a light meal.

Western Port Fishing Challenge – For variety many of our members enjoy fishing Western Port in February for King George Whiting. We hold our annual Western Port Challenge from Hastings. Weigh-in is before lunchtime and we have a social get together for the presentation at the Hastings ramp.

Phillip Island March Weekend Away – Come and enjoy fishing from the Eastern Side of Western Port with easy access to Bass Strait and the enclosed waters of Western Port Bay. We stay at the Big 4 Caravan Park (Newhaven) which has great facilities and we usually have get togethers Friday and Saturday nights and for the Sunday presentation. Game Fishing & Species prizes are up for grabs.

End of Season Comp – This marks the end of the normal fishing season and the approach of the colder weather. A great way to catch up with your fellow club members.

Game Fishing – Previously we have had Game Fishing trips to the likes of Bermagui, Port McDonnell, Portland and Eden. Each year, dependent of fishing reports we will organise 3-4 day trips to a location that is firing. Announcements will be on Memberpoint.

Note: All fish caught and registered in our competitions are eligible for our yearly prizes presented on presentation night.