Events Corporate

A perfect place for focussing away from corporate distraction.

Conveniently located on Beach Road, Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron is accessible from the city via Nepean Highway and is less than 25kms from the Melbourne CBD area.

Aside from the stunning views the venue boasts, the grounds provide your delegates with free, secure parking during the event, taking the stress of finding a place to leave the car out of the picture.

BMYS can tailor a catering package to suit your format, with a reputation for flexibility and understanding when it comes to dietary and health preferences.

What style of event are you planning?
Our experienced Event Manager will assist you in every aspect of planning the format for your product launch, training day or general welcoming hospitality for your clients to enjoy.

  • Product Launches – Demonstrate your products or services either displayed on clothed trestle tables, or digitally on a big screen with a PowerPoint display.
  • Corporate Training – Organise a staff training event, with space to set a U-Shape or classroom style of table plan, followed with an area for break-out working groups and somewhere for meal breaks.
  • Workshops – Brainstorm and plan for an upcoming product, service or event away from the office in an environment ideal to escape digital distractions.
  • Social Gatherings – Beyond corporate uses, BMYS can be an ideal place for your team, or entire group to enjoy a social event together, away from the office altogether. Many end of year break-ups, award ceremonies and social nights for partners are planned each year at the club.

Aside from the adaptable layout of the rooms, BMYS has different tables to be able to create the ideal workspace for your particular needs.  Other services or equipment available to assist include;

  • Private Office – A separate room can be made available for the organiser to plan and keep sensitive material throughout the day and can be secured safely for events spanning multiple days.
  • Data Projector complete with 6ft pull down screen and black-out blinds for the windows as required.
  • Whiteboard Marker pen, flipchart and butchers paper available for workshop sessions.
  • Sound System – Two cordless microphones available, or the use of a lapel mic and/or receiver to project your audio files through the in-house speaker network.
  • Professional Caterer – BMYS has a fantastic caterer willing to go the extra mile to work in with the specifics of each event.
  • Fully Licenced Bar – The club is fully licenced and can provide bar services as required, or otherwise put together a non- alcohol package to work in with specific workplace policies if required.
  • Free Parking – A great feature is that your delegates won’t have any issue finding a parking space, nor will they be faced with the distraction of needing to feed a meter, or move the car throughout the day.

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