The relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the Club lends itself to some great social activities both on and off the water. All BMYS members and their guests are invited to use all the facilities the Club has to offer.

For most of us boating is about people enjoying various on water activities with their friends and family in a social and friendly environment. Boating events are open to all our members with all kind of boats, some large and some small as well as those in between. Events ranging from leisurely daily cruises around Port Phillip Bay to slightly more competitive NavRallies and many informative and educational events, are all designed to encourage participation and to build camaraderie amongst BMYS members.

The Boating Committee puts on a number of vary important lectures dealing with safe boating procedures as well as maintaining and servicing of the safety equipment on board a vessel such as fire extinguishers, flares and PFD’s.

The most important event on the Boating Committees calendar as well as the Club’s calendar is Sail Past and Open Day. A great day for whole families to enjoy and celebrate the opening of the new season.

All members are encouraged to fly the Club Burgee on their boats. This makes us easily identifiable to other members and is a great catalyst to introductions between members, particularly when away from the Club.

The Boating Committee is established to plan, organize and promote recreational boating events, such as NavRallies, cruises and most importantly to promote safety awareness.