Boating Flagship Events

Sail Past at BMYS

The premier boating event on the Club’s calendar is the annual Blessing of the Fleet and Sail Past (Opening Day) at which representatives of Bayside City Council, the local State Member of Parliament, and officials of kindred clubs combine with BMYS members to make the Sail Past a truly memorable and fun event particularly for families. The Sail Pasts are themed, that is, members dress and decorate their boats to represent the chosen theme which changes each year. For example, for the most recent Sail Past the theme was “your most favourite Superheroes”. Prizes are awarded to the crews of the decorated boats and to participants best reflecting the chosen theme. Over the years boats big and small have been transformed into pirate vessels, AFL teams, underwater sea creatures, favourite family movies, Bathurst racing cars and many other things totally remote from a boat. The event is all about having lots of fun!

Decorating your boat (and your crew) can be simple (balloons and streamers) or elaborate as you want to make it. Boats tie up to the pier first – there are always people on the pier to help with ropes. Boats also raft up with each other – again everyone helps and no one is left to struggle alone.

Most boats have morning tea on board and maybe a champagne or two at 10am prior to the commencement of the official ceremony at 11.00am.

Once the ceremony conducted on the Club jetty is over, a lead boat leaves the pier and the rest of the boats follow closely in convoy over a short course, going past the end of the pier (that’s why it’s called a Sail Past!) to salute the official party. Three rousing cheers from boat crews are encouraged as the boats pass the ‘official dais’ at the end of the Club jetty. However, there is lots of other activity as boats ‘sail past’ including air horns, water pistols, and even a deck hose or two aimed at the ‘official dais’!


After the Sail Past live music and entertainment is provided in the downstairs Club BBQ area and then participants and guests move onto the luncheon and other activities in the Club dining rooms around 1.00pm.