Boating Committee

The Boating Committee was established to plan, organize and promote recreational boating events, such as NavRallies, cruises and most importantly to promote safety awareness.

The Boating Committee meets monthly, most often on first Monday of the month and usually starting at 7:30pm. These meetings generally focus on upcoming events and lecture nights. Planning for the upcoming NavRallies, club cruises, Sail Past and Open Day and other lecture nights takes up most of the Boating Committee’s time. Our safety lecture nights are recommended and are highlighted by the annual Flare Night and Fire Night training where practical demonstration on the correct method of using the actual equipment takes place.

Product recalls and safety updates are issued using the Club’s website, our MemberPoint app and the weekly emails.

Boating Committee Members:

  • Brendan Bolding
  • Alan Bugeja
  • Richard Crossland
  • Ben Fletcher
  • Roger Hartley
  • Tony Huxham
  • Noel McNicol
  • Brendan O’Donoghue
  • Les Sabo
  • Gary Tragardh
  • Brian Willis