Boating Activities


The BMYS Boating Committee also organizes several cruises during the Club’s calendar year.

The aim of these events is to encourage safe participation in organised cruise events, to share interesting and educational boating information and to give Club members more opportunity to meet other members and use the facilities of the Club.

Cruises can be a single day event or over a few nights depending on the chosen activity and location.

The focus is on promoting the enjoyment and use of power boats among all members of our Club as well as participating in exciting and enjoyable on water activities.

Family cruises to Maribyrnong River, Williamstown, Westernport, Paynesville, Refuge Cove (Wilson’s Promontory), Eildon, visit and tour of French Island and Mallacoota are some of the more recent destinations that have proven popular with members with lots of appealing things to do in and around these destinations.

The cruising activities organised by the Club are for all members and their boating friends.

Cruising in company is a fantastic way to meet like-minded people while exploring our waterways. Of special note it’s not the speed or size of the boat that matters, it’s the company.

Club cruises provide a great opportunity to forge new friendships in a relaxed social atmosphere and also provide a great basis for social interaction and Club camaraderie.

Nav Rallies

BMYS Navigation Rallies

The BMYS Boating committee organises a number of Nav-Rally events for members and other clubs participation during the year.

What is a Nav-Rally?

Nav-Rallies are a predetermined course typically about 10 to 12 nautical miles.
Participants navigate this course at a chosen predetermined speed and time.
Typically, 10 knots is popular amongst competitors, however, valid speeds from 5 to 15 knots can be chosen to suit the skippers optimum running conditions.
BMYS is one of many clubs around the bay that promote Nav-Rallies for club and interclub competitions.
Scoring is calculated by tracking the accuracy of your actual time against a calculated time.
The course has predetermined secret checkpoints. Penalties are cumulatively applied for checkpoint times at the rate of one point per second early or late.
Other penalties may also be applied for course deviations, missed checkpoints, or rule violations. The winner of the rally is the vessel that returns the lowest score.

Keeping Score

These days scoring is done automatically and electronically via a GPS tracker which is issued to each vessel. At the end of the rally, participants all meet at the clubhouse for a social lunch and review of the event.
A “playback” of the rally as recorded by each of the trackers is presented on a large screen TV giving all ralliers the opportunity to scrutinise and compare notes.
The boating committee extracts the individual recorded scores to a spreadsheet and presents the data and results to all present.
Skippers and Navigators are awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes and all participants scores are recorded for club and interclub scores.

How do I Plot the course?

BMYS provides each vessel entry with a calculated running sheet for the basic course turn points with GPS Positions and times.
This provides course positions, ready for entry into your boats GPS.
Tips and tricks are generally presented at the beginning of each rally season by the boating committee, catering primarily for beginners but also for all levels.
Anyone can enter a Nav-rally, no experience is necessary, the boating committee will help you get started.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter, you will need a Skipper to steer and maintain speed and a Navigator to watch the times and monitor the GPS.
Family participation is encouraged, and there are club awards at BMYS for family participation, although a boat owner may elect to have any member or non-member to crew on the boat as navigator.

A Nav-Rally provides an excellent education in navigation and the capabilities of one’s own craft, as well as being a fun activity it is good grounding in learning the important safety aspects of boating.

How long does it take?

Typically, at 10 knots, the course will be completed in about 1 hour, at 5 knots it will be about 2 hours.
The event concludes once all boats are home – allow 2 hrs. The lunch and presentations are over 2 to 3 hours.