BMYS Social Media Guidelines


In the past few years Social Media has become an important and growing part of how we communicate and shape the conversations we have with each other.

Social Media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, as well as Forums and Blogs are exciting new avenues for creativity, and sharing interests and knowledge.

However, it is well established that discussions and posting of online content can cause distress to individuals or groups.

It is important therefore that the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron (BMYS) has guidelines in place to minimise the risk of social media engagement harming our Club, our members and their family’s reputation.

These guidelines apply to all persons posting on this site. Postings that do not follow these guidelines will be removed.


The BMYS promotes responsible use of social media and requires posting on the Club’s Facebook page to observe these Social Media Guidelines.

These guidelines include:

  1. Always – Start with the assumption that anything you say can be read by anyone, anywhere, at any time and remember that the Internet has a long memory.
  2. Be Accurate – Posts should be accurate and fact-checked and capable of substantiation. If you do make a mistake, ensure you correct it promptly.
  3. Be fair and respectful – Never post malicious, misleading or unfair content. Do not post content that is obscene, defamatory, threatening or discriminatory to an individual or entity.
  4. Be smart – Respect other people’s intellectual property including trademarked names and slogans and copyrighted material. It is best practice to assume that all content online is protected by copyright.
  5. Be aware of confidentiality – Only reference information that is publicly available. Do not disclose any information that is confidential or proprietary to your Club, its members or any third party that has confidentially disclosed information to you.
  6. No Buying and selling – this is not permitted on this page. It is primarily a reports and a Club events type page.
  7. Pictures/posts – we strongly encourage members to provide some basic details about their pictures.
  8. Sponsor advertising – advertising by Club sponsors is permitted but these posts are to be cleared with the Page Administrator.
  9. Think – BMYS encourages all members to “think before posting”. Members should recognize that even if posting to a private section of a social networking site comments can appear in public areas through a variety of means and can easily be found. Members should avoid posting something they will regret now or later.
  10. Administration and Contact – contact Brian Willis (through the Club Office) in relation to the administration and operation of this page.
 29 Aug 2015